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New Online Training Coming Soon

Red Tiger Security is rolling out the world's first comprehensive 5-Day SCADA / ICS Security Training Course that is available from anywhere, anytime, over the Internet. This online SCADA / ICS Security training course allows students to have access to their own personalized training portal where they can download two customized Virtual Machine operating systems, each preloaded with over 3 GBs of tools, software, and scripts.

Blackhat Scada Training - 2 Day

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are some of the most poorly understood, yet most critical systems in use in the world today, and while they generally remain unseen are responsible for the smooth running of our daily routines – from the moment we turn on a tap in the morning, to turning off the lights at night. This two day course will provide a primer, into the world of securing industrial control, and automation systems as they relate to the numerous industries where they are most prolific.

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Scada Security Advanced - 5 Day

Our 5-day SCADA Security course is a hands-on class with over 20 exercises and labs that are performed on a portable SCADA lab that contains over 15 different PLCs, RTUs, RF, and telemetry devices. This course has been refined over the past 4 years, and over 1300 professionals have been trained around the world by this course. It was designed to bridge the skills sets of Control System Engineers, Technicians, and IT Security professionals. The first day is spent diving deep into teaching how ICS and SCADA Systems work from the ground up. Instrumentation, I/O, control techniques, automation theory, HMI visualization, and data archival systems are broken down at their functional level. Several SCADA protocols are taught, captured, dissected, and then used to hack into the embedded devices. OPC, ModbusTCP, and EthernetIP are some of the ICS protocols that are used in live hands-on exercises and labs.

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