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5-day Course for Securing National Critical Infrastructure Skills Level > Expert

This course requires prior knowledge of ICS / SCADA systems, and builds upon that knowledge.

Now that the student is aware of what ICS / SCADA systems are, and how they function, this course expands upon that knowledge to show how ICS / SCADA systems are deployed in each type of critical infrastructure industry.

This course will cover the top 10 critical infrastructure sectors: 1. Food 2. Government 3. Manufacturing 4. Transportation 5. Finance 6. Communications 7. Water 8. Safety 9. Energy and Utilities 10. Heath Care It will then dive deep into each critical sector to determine how ICS / SCADA technology is applied to each industry vertical. Detailed architectures will be provided for each use of ICS technology, along with typical weaknesses and vulnerabilities unique to each industrial processes. In addition, the course has modeled the top 15 critical industrial control system processes in a Virtual Machine environment, and students will be able to interact with these environments to attack and defend them in hands-on demonstrations and exercises. 1. Manufacturing > Food and Beverage Manufacturing 2. Manufacturing > Electronics Chip Design and Fabrication 3. Transportation > Rail / Light Rail / Metro 4. Transportation > Airline (Ground Support Systems) 5. Transportation > Auto (Traffic Light Systems) 6. Water > Waste Water Treatment 7. Water > Water Treatment and Distribution 8. Safety > Chemicals Manufacturing 9. Energy > Electric Power > Generation 10. Energy > Electric Power > Transmission 11. Energy > Electric Power > Distribution 12. Energy > Oil and Gas > Drilling 13. Energy > Oil and Gas > Production 14. Energy > Oil and Gas > Refining 15. Energy > Oil and Gas > Transportation

This is the most advanced course ever offered for those interested in either securing or attacking ICS / SCADA systems used specifically in critical infrastructure.

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