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SCADA Security Maturity Model

Where Does Your Organization's Cyber Security fit in the Maturity Model?

Red Tiger Security has developed a maturity lifecycle model for securing Engineering, SCADA, and real-time operational systems. The diagram depicted below models how most organizations step through the various phases of security maturity. The process usually starts by conducting site assessments, defining cyber security standards that govern the technical and procedural controls, and by developing a common network architecture or framework for how cyber security technology can be woven into the system.


As you plan out your cyber security program and budgets, it is a good time to think about how the operational SCADA and Industrial Control Systems fit into your cyber security strategy. The first step is determining where your organization and industrial systems fit in terms of Security Maturity. Having our team conduct a site assessment is the first step in understanding your current security posture. You then will have a better idea of how to plan your cyber security strategy moving forward.