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Entries from March 1, 2011 - March 31, 2011

5-Day SCADA Security Advanced Course - Sydney, Australia

If you missed the sold out course in Orlando, why not come hang out in the land down under with us for the next course?  At the end of this month the Red Tiger Security boys pack up the mobile SCADA lab and head to Sydney to deliver the class at the SANS SCADA Summit in Sydney.

Check out all of the details and get registered at the SANS web site:

In addition to the 5-day hands-on training, we will also be presenting several new topics at the conference including BlackBox Testing for SCADA Systems and the latest APT threats hitting SCADA Systems like Night Dragon and Stuxnet.

Look forward to seeing you there!


5-Day SCADA Security Course in Orlando - SOLD OUT

First, the 5-day course held in Orlando at the SANS SCADA Summit was a great success. We've upgraded the course to version 2.3, and we have a few extra guests in the room like Tim Roxey from NERC to add some additional spice to the sauce. The hands on labs allowed each student to experience what it is like to first build their own SCADA HMI, and then use their own hacking tools to force coils ON and OFF or overright data within PLC memory addresses. The course was sold out at 48 students, and plans are being made for a followup course to be held in The Woodlands, Texas later this year.

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