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Solution Evaluation

Drawing on our experience in SCADA, Industrial Control Systems, Telecommunications, and Enterprise IT systems, we have the ability to perform capabilities research on various types of products to rank their abilities to perform against a prescribed set of requirements.

One of the solutions that our team has tested is in the past was in the area of remote access two-factor authentication systems that use OTP (one time pass) token technology. We tested four vendor implementations of this technology, and found one solution that worked best for use with SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

We also tested several Application Whitelisting agents, and their ability to secure three different DCS vendor control systems. This solution evaluation was performed as part of a LOGIIC program, and the outcome can be obtained by contacting the DHS LOGIIC program committee.

We have also performed detailed technical assessments of complete DCS systems in terms of their ability to withstand several types of cyber security threats. We were able to provide a 150-page white paper back to the DCS vendor describing each area of the system that required greater security enhancements.